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Shrink wrap solutions will save you time and money on any project (building, reclad, marine or swimming pools) that may be weather dependent or not.

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The Wrapid Man Limited shrink wrap solutions have the following uses:

1. Industrial shrink wrap: containment of large plant equipment / components,

2. Scaffold wrap: containment of buildings (leaky homes / adding an additional floor / reclad / renovations) / bridges, swimming pools,

3. Building: temporary shrink wrap structures for storage or other operational uses,

4. Marine: shrink wrapping of boats and other vehicles,

5. Disaster contingency and relief projects such as damaged buildings / roofs after hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters,

6. Shrink wrap can be used for environmental containment to facilitate safe removal of asbestos, lead and other hazards,

7. Safe and secure transport of equipment or stock.

Wrapid Man limited will provide a cover system as per your requirement.


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    Let us cover our project / equipment during the Christmas period to avoid any disappointment / unnecessary damages. This will keep your project's budget intact. It's our job to keep you covered! Wra

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    Wrapid Man Limited your shrink-wrap aka cover systems / igloo (type of structure over buildings or items) service provider! It's our job to keep you covered!

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    Call Wrapid Man today for a Shrink-wrap solution on any building project. You will receive a professional service from start to finish. We proud ourselves on our quick turnaround times, innovative h